"If there's a will there's a way"

Passion drives me.
Passion accelerates my heart and my soul.
It is my working fuel so that you can rely on my tenacity and my love.
I aim to materialize your dreams, having fun while doing it!




Floral Design Atelier

Alameda dos Oceanos, Nº41 Z, 1990-203 Lisbon, Portugal
+351 969 190 083

Happy Clients

Work of Excellence!
Professionalism and gentleness in the service and the whole process until the end.
I highly recommend it.

Beatriz Flow's Bride

In one word… Marvelous!

Catarina Flow's Bride

Beautiful, my bouquet. I loved it, Marta. You’ve out bested you to live up to my expectations.

Ana Flow's Bride

Who seeks originality, elegance, individuality, who admires flowers in its essence, and cherishes it not only as an adornment but as something essential, likes Flow, loves Flow!
Flow is also synonymous with professionalism, attention to detail, organization and customer service.
Yes, it’s five stars!

Dora Flow's Bride

From a distance, without hesitation, I relied on Flow’s work and organization! In the end, the result was exactly what I requested!
Obviously, it’s due to the work, professionalism, responsibility, dedication, and panache one must “take off your hat” to!!!
Thank you, Flow for the surprise effect, the efficiency, the confidence. I’m just speechless.

Inês Flow's Bride